rumored shocker PA system

when it comin!!!

yea ive been wonderin same thing for awhile

Yeah this sounds like something I would deffinately buy. :slight_smile:

Any specs or info on it?? something to keep us interested…

I want it LOUD. So people can hear me from a mile away. haha

Yeah that would be bad donkey.

well i couldnt wait picked up a whelen 200 watt pa/siren and a 100watt whelen speaker today

It will be bad donkey, lets just leave it at that.

Rumor has it Hornblasters may actually start taking deposits & pre orders :wink:

But I want it now… lol

Im not pre ordering anything untill we get some damm info on this thing lol.


Good! :slight_smile:

before Halloween!!!

im down with that

Whoop whoop scared the crap out of some 16 yo punks last night with it and sorry arron was too dark my my camera wouldnt focus on anything so no video =(

i have a pa in my truck

what kind u got?

i went to a car meet, and got a good hookup…some guy sells ALL emergency equipment… ima get hooked up for some stuff

Nooooooo! That sucks man you gotta get a better camera.