Running 2 compressors into 1 line

I’m looking for info I have limited space and looking to hook up 2 viair 444 into a 3/4 inch v block then running a 3/4 line about 4 feet to my tank just wondering if this would cause any problems or possibly melt or blow the 4 foot line. Thanks

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The plumbing sounds okay to me.

My preference would be to have them turn on and off at different times, even if it is only seconds different, to stagger the inductive kick.

Good idea I wasn’t even thinking of that. I do have dual battery’s might run a relay off of each battery . Do you think that would reduce the kick.

You’ll need a method of toggling each compressor’s solenoid independently from the pressure switch. An interval timer might work.

Or, use two pressure switches, one for each compressor, located at different parts in the system.

Apart from the V block and the 4 foot of line, you’re really just the same as any dual Viair setup. The fact that you have a dual battery setup makes it even better, just run the dual kit from the secondary battery. Wire it with correctly gauged power, fuses and relays and you shouldn’t have any problems. Twin 444’s only draw a max of 38A - no need to worry about fancy timers etc with something like that.

For that 4 foot length of 3/4" pipe leading to your tank, use all metal fittings. It’ll get warm but shouldn’t get hot enough to cause dramas, but I’d keep an eye on it. If you need to, just extend you leader hoses from the top of the compressor heads to give you a bit more thermal mass to dissipate heat.