Running Airline into Cab

For all you guys running manual valves, how are you getting the air hose into the vehicle? Is everyone installing bulkhead fittings in the floor, or do you simply drill a hole and run the air line through? Im working on re-installing my horns and am debating weather to do a manual valve or an electric solenoid.

What type of vehicle?

My truck has this oblong shaped holes with plugs, so I just popped one off and ran it up through there.


I ran an airline into and out of the cab floor on a 97 Ram pickup using bulkhead compression fittings. Had to drill through the floor under the seats. Good cab seal and good airline seal. Well worth the cost.

Thats what I did last time and wasn’t happy. The way the lines ran through wasn’t clean and they came out at a weird place in the cab (under rear seat). The truck I have now has the same plugs (both 3rd gen rams) and I’m wanting to stay away from that.

I was thinking of something along these lines also. Where did you find your fittings though? When I search for bulkhead fittings online I keep getting fish tank supplies:confused::confused::confused: LOL

fast . They have a good selection.

Ill check it out, thank you

What size line were you using?

I used 1/2 inch airline.

Mcmaster Carr has a lot of fitting also.