Runoff question: attaching horns and installation cost?

I mentioned in another thread that Im just bogged down with stuff right now.

Just moved in the winter, new house, new problems, hardscaping, etc.

Prioritizing life around my family so I have to put in an aboveground pool, ziplines and treehouse before I think about doing my horn install.

First question: How exactly are the horns attached to the frames? It seems that welding is often a thought.

2nd: Im debating having an installer put them in. Assuming I have all the materials, what is the going rate?

I spent $500 to have mine installed, but mine are also bolted to the frame rail. I was in the same boat when I got mine, I just didn’t have the time to invest it in plus I needed my air bags added to the setup and doing this made it easier.

If you remove the spare tire, just have a tray built and place the entire setup there.


I fabricated and installed my own mounts for my Shockers … which are behind my grille (in front of radiator) and facing downward. They’re in plain sight, but with a black grille, black radiator, and charcoal truck, no one sees them even when looking right at them … unless I point them out. People just don’t pay attention at that kind of detail level.

I started with 1/8" thick x 1" wide steel purchased from Lowe’s and painted it flat black (3 coats, plus 2 more clear coats – maybe 20 mins spent). Then I removed my grille (5 mins of work), determined mount points on the radiator support, cut and drilled the steel appropriately, and bolted it to the radiator support. (30 mins of work). Next I spaced the horns, marked the steel for where the horn threads would go, removed it, drilled all 4 locations, filed, and then re-mounted. (30 more mins of work). After this, I installed the horns. (10 mins of work.)

This allowed me to hang all of the horns in downward-facing fashion. I then had to support the bells, and I made similar brackets for this. Each one took about 1/2 hour (and each had to be made custom, as the bells are all different in length), for a total of 2 hours. It was another 30 mins to tie the air lines into my solenoid valve and another 5 to put the grille back on.

Add it all up, and I spent about 30 dollars and 4hrs, 10 mins to mount the horns, themselves. That doesn’t include paint drying time (~1 day after paint was applied), my tank install or line plumbing, but it’d be unfair to include the tank install or plumbing, as I run an engine driven compressor, have twin tanks in a custom-fabricated steel carrier under the truck, and have quick disconnects for using air tools. i.e. Plumbing more complicated than the average electric compressor and tank install.

One of these days I’ll upload some darn photos. I keep meaning to do that… but this house renovation project is eating up all of my time…

Got a quote for $500. Looking good :slight_smile: For a manual valve install