S4 Sound Blaster in the Philippines

After 2 months of wait I finally got my S4 and installed. I am currently figuring out how to share photos with you guys and as soon as I figure it out, you’ll have it. Since I am installing another set of tank and compressor, do I have to install a another pressure/relay like the that came with the set or can I use the same one. I am concerned about the two compressors not coming on together if the pressure switches does not close at the exact pressure as the other. Did anyone experience that or maybe just did not notice?

not sure about the dual compressor / pressure switch thing but to share photos the best and easiest way is www.photobucket.com You can upload them to there, then direct link them to the auction / forum / email… very easy to do…


Dunno if I got it right but here is the link. Installation of the tank and compressor is not final because I have another set coming, no use of tidying it up right now. I also have a K3HA coming so it will be a blast on New Years Eve. Thanks to all, I would still be using my China horns if it weren’t from you all. I might put that one on my boat.

You will only need 1 pressure switch to run 2 compressors. Although you’ll need 2 relays.

Yup, you got them uploaded right… now to add them in the topic u click the IMG CODE link and just paste it in the reply like so

which looks like (w/o the astericks)

I am sure I am the only one in P.I. who has the HB stickers. Friends already started asking what it meant, I just honked my horn… now they have more questions about the horn.

I will tidy up the air system connections once I get the other set.

looks good and clean install too.

Nice install! What model Toyota truck do you own!? Is your truck a modern day ‘HiLux’??

pics look nice…i like ur button! lol

It is 2008 Hilux, it is awesome to drive here in P.I. although the ride is not like the 4 Runners in the US of A. I bought those pushbuttons from ebay, I like the place where I put them this way I don’t have to reach out to push them as I do it a lot. I am surprised how loud these horns are as they are very light. Can’t wait for my K3HA so I will be able to hook up the other button.

At leats someone that is close to korea is sporting the hornblasters stickers…im in the army and all the trucks in my motorpool all have the hornblasters stickers on them