##### SALE ###### Nathan K Diaphrams

Between now and Christmas
Hornblasters just got some kick donkey replacement Diaphrams for K Horns. Save a TON with this sale, Each horn requires two diaphrams, For a LIMITED TIME, Until Christmas, Replacement Diaphrams will be only $10 each. or save even more money buying an entire set.

K3 Replacement Diaphram Kit (6 of them)= $48
K5 Replacement Diaphram Kit (10 of them) =$75

Flat rate of $8 shipping anywhere in the US! Priority Mail!

Get them Fast! This is the BEST time to replace your old and worn Diaphrams!

Ill take a K5 replacement set!

and trust me and Matt,they will make them sound awesome

bump on that… ear drum pounding noise!! just what we ask for!