Salt and air valve

Hello all,

While do homework for university, this suddenly came to me ( bored as hell as you can tell, but a valid question). Living In alberta, they salt our roads and was wondering how the air valve would hold up to salt from the shocker (248xl) kit. As well I have heard the valve sticks in the colder climates so It might be entering hibernation or only highway use if this is true.

thanks in advance

Copper, nickel, & brass are all metals which hold up very well to corrosion. The solenoid valves are generally composed of one or combination of those or similar alloys. What will rust is your tank if it’s a standard steel variety.

None of the above like any moisture in the system, so make sure you regularly drain you tank and lines. The air solenoid should only stick if you get frozen water or internal corrosion affecting it. Having said that, I’m sure there’s the odd one that’s just damaged internally and will stick regardless of salt, cold, hot, wet, etc.

hey sounds good, thanks for the quick reply, what about the wiring. I have the two grey wires going through a drain hole ( 2012 wrangler) into the cab, should I seal these wires?

ahh the perks of living in canada