San Francisco Bay Bridge Honk

If I don’t say it somebody else will, but what year is it? lmao

nice, i wish i had tunnels like that by me the casino parking garages get old lol

Oh yeah, i said the year wrong, but it was shot in 2011

read the description of vid lol

Doh! I wonder if that was there first thing this morning. I was going by the posted date on the video.


what gauge is that in the a pillar??

Do you have a button or a white gauge to sound horns?

The gauge is made by glowshift gauges… It works great and I can select 7 different backlight colors.

I currently can honk the horn with my Graham white valve OR my stock horn button.

could you get a link to that gauge? please :slight_smile:

how hard is it to run 1/8 line? id rather run just wires, but i really like the look of that gauge lol

1/8 is very easy to run. And this gauge is fantastic, you should get one.

When I had my dual needle gauge for my Firestone airbags, the lines were run right through the access hole of the firewall. It’s super easy, just don’t bend it too much and kink the line.


that was awesome haha!!!

YES! Someone else here in Cali with a Train Horn!! Woo!