Scamming is bad. Its wrong. Lets hope no one ever gets scammed.

Becareful for this man. fast85gt

Take a look :

Bad. Bad scammer. Very bad.

Go to your room right now mister!

I haven’t read the story, but scammers are on pretty much EVERY forum that has a buy/sell section so I’m pretty sure it happens in about the same manner.

but this one was just crazy they got hold of all his info and the whole forum was calling them…they even sent message to their kids wife and everything

honk that scammer, he deserves it!

It’s kinda scary how these forum people can find so much personal info.
I feel no sympathy for the scammer though

LOL wow that thread is epic! They found out everything about that guy and his family lol Serves the honker right.

I think I have seen this user name on other forums but it might just be a freak event.

haha that thread is awesome

Haha I called and some lady answered. I used this soundboard (my favorite one)

man thats messed up