scare a gay!

LOL well i was taking my mom to work at 11 am she works in this restaurant right and beside its a hair cut salon and there work this guy who its gay i park my car in front of the salon to leave my mom well there its the big glases so i can see what are they doing i and honk my horns lol and the gay make a jump LOL and starts laughing but you know with the little voice they make lol i was laughing so hard and my mom too she jump also lol the the guy came out side and says to me, “hey why the honk do u do that u gonna kill me! you know i have hart problems!” he say it laughing in a nice mood and i was like ok men go inside and honk up lol when he finish telling me all the poop he or she i don’t know how to call it was going inside and i honk it again and he make another big jump LOL and the i hit the road fast lol. i was laughing all the way back home lol


HAHA he or she… thats funny :smiley:

did you post this on call in gay day? that would have been priceless. :rolleyes:

it’s so lame that people should have gotten fired for it. sick I can understand but to not go to work for political reasons is uncalled for.

Seriously there is a political day for that… that really is unnecessary

It started with their protest over our proposition 8 passing. They still claim it violates their civil rights so they declared a “call in gay” day sometime last week.

I guess they think if they protest enough people will start believing them even though they have the same rights as married couples.

i hear animals can now get married…lmao

I hadn’t heard that but do they get the same rights as married couples? :smiley: