Scare factor

Which has the most scare factor the HB4h kit at 200psi or the K3la at 150. Trying to decide between the two. Thanks…

K3 will



i think the k3 will

The s4 will scare the sh1t outta someone but k3s will scare their unborn children and dead ancestors

Poor dead ancestors. They don’t deserve that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, you made the decision easy.

^ hahaha thats funny

K3 FTW! (or K5, if you want the real train sound)

Well that depends where you live i think… The occasional amtrack that roles through uses k5s but all the up freights have k3s so its what im used to hearing in littlerock;)

not all of them but definetly the majority

k3’s will scare all living people. k5’s will scare dinosaurs.

theres really not much difference in loudness between the k3 and the k5 i think this was covered in another thread