Scare story: He was bigger but I was LOUDER

I turn the corner to drive up this hairpin curve going uphill and here’s this great big I dunno, Hummer or some such, with what looked to be 13" wide tires and he’s hoggin the whole road coming downhill, lapped over the center line about halfway and actin like “Yes as a matter of fact, I DO own the whole road” and he’s headin toward [us].

We dived for the right hand side of the road and my hand jumped to the horn of its own accord; I don’t think I even had time to think. “BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEP BEEP BEEP” I was waiting for the crash but somehow it was okay and we slipped by.

My navigator person was twisted around in the seat, calling the action as we roared on up the hill. “He’s back in his lane – uh oh, can’t see him, blindspot. Oh there he is, wait . . . No, he’s not there! Did he go off the road!?”

HAHAHA TS That’ll Teach’em. :stuck_out_tongue: roadhog :smiley:

PS: Talking about this later, we figured he’d turned the corner at the bottom of the hill (or went off the road? works for us) and tried to double back to find us, but between the construction, one way streets and traffic, and Black being rather nondescript, it never happened.

Haha niceee

There ya go! I was driving Matt’s G35 to the shop to switch it out with another car and get some work done. On some back roads on the way there I was driving behind a dodge 4x4 which was going slow. So I went to go around him, he looked in the side mirror and pulled over in the lane when I was next to him to run me off the road. I laid on the horn ( he has his window down) and he QUICKLY pulled back in. Left his donkey in the dust.

what horns on on the G35?

loud shockers on the clean donkey g35

I’ve done that same thing. It’s always hilarious to see them try to move over really fast.

yea ive seen the g35 its badass! and the horns are even mounted in the front of it!