Scare with the 100w PA

I finally put the Hornblasters 100w PA/Siren in my Cobalt SS. The same exact night I was heading home with my girlfriend, I see 5 guys run across the crosswalk and one of them has a shopping cart with a few things in it.

I hurry up and stop at the light. I am a good 35-40ft away from a bridge (I am parallel with the bridge) that they are under with the shopping cart. I grab the mic and say “That’s not your shopping cart” in the deepest cop sounding voice I could.

I STILL can’t believe how loud this damn PA is! It echoed under the bridge and remember I was 35-40ft away from the bridge faced parallel from it and the people.

All five immediately turn around and start looking around. About two seconds later they all grab the items in the cart and HAUL oven! My girl and I laughed so hard! I drive by today, four days later, and the cart is still there!

This PA contains SO MUCH WIN!

hahaa makes me want to get one when i get money

first time ever…

…two wrongs DO make a right! lol

thats funny lol
bet thay thout it
whas a cop :smiley:

ahhhh thats awesome :slight_smile: i gotta get myself one soon…