Scared myself with my own horns...

well, I finally did it, last night I came home, parked the car, and set the alarm and well, the K3’s decided to Chirp with the alarm :eek: good thing it was not 2 am.

Yes they are LOUD!

On my boat I always alert the passengers before letting the horns or whistle rip.

I hate zapping myself with the horns by mistake. What got me a few times now is to forget turning off the horns when I wipe out the interior during a clean and accidentally bumping the horn switch.

About 3 vehicles ago, I pulled into a car wash to get rid of salt/sand from the roads. My horn button was within reach of my arm on the center armrest, conveniently located so I didn’t have to scramble to hit the horns if needed. I had just placed my drink can in the cupholder (which is close to the button). I leaned over the console to the passenger floorboard to grab a quarter that I dropped, and pushed the can into the button. There went 150psi through my P3’s…and I jumped pretty dang good. There were so many people at the car wash, I made quick work of spraying the truck off and left… :o :D:D:D

You’re all idots lol , but it’s a shame the horns didn’t go off at 2am, chaos is entertainment afterall (as long as no-one gets hurt).

well, I do have it on a toggle switch so that way I can switch it over to the regular horn. that way if something happens like a thunder storm it wont set the K3’s of instead the Cadillac 4 note horn. lol.

My friend specifically had a note on his lever saying ‘DO NOT PULL’, yet in an M.O.T some newbie mechanic couldn’t resist and he scarred the sh*t out of the whole garage (most of which had heard them horns before).
Hence the reason my horns are going to have an off switch hehe.

Similar thing to you mate, I have the Shockers on the Smart car & they are wired to the stock horn on the steering wheel, either getting in or out of the smart car I sometimes accidentally hit the steering wheel or the other classic is when I am driving along holding the steering wheel with one hand, the horn switch on the steering wheel is the entire centre of the steering wheel & often I would be turning a corner & suddenly I jump as I have hit the the Horn by mistake.:smiley:

I suppose it’d be boring to implement a system to prevent accidental pressing of the horn :rolleyes: huh

My system has a looong row w/ dozens of switches.

The red double throw switch does either the horn or the whistle.

Several times, at night, I’ve hit the Kahlenberg D-1 horns, instead of the bilge blowers.


Ah few, I had hoped you meant a boat and not a car that this was all on.

It is a boat!

What - you mean like a cutout switch?. Gee never thought of that in my several decades of doing auto electrics. :rolleyes: Thanks mate for the excellent suggestion.

It might be difficult for you to take on board now, but trust in the experience and lessons learned from the people like here who’ve done this sort of stuff for a long time. I’m sure that once you get around to outfitting that madcap Swift of yours with some horns, there will be a time that you’ll jump out of your skin after setting your off horns unintentionally (regardless of whether you have a retinal scanner, seat cushion switch, proximity sensor or whatever else you can dream up as a “safety system”)

^^^^^^:D near fell off my seat laughing DeeBee!:smiley:
(I have two retinal scanners but their on the blink!)