Scared the colonel

Today my Colonel was doing a PMCS- Prevented Maintance Checks And Services, he was basically doing a check on what we already checked on, so he came to my vehicle, he told me to turn my vehicle on, i did , checked the lights, cool blinkers work…then he asked me does my Air Horn Device Work, i said yes sir, i need to hear it, i traded out my 2 bell little horn for a leslie rs2k and when i said sir you might want to scoot back or cover your hears, he told me SON JUST HONK THE DAMN THING so i did and his face was speechless, wish i had my camera then, but its not everyday you can scare your colonel and get away with it.:slight_smile:

I can imagine the look on his mug! LOL! good job:D

HA HA! Good one!

Haha at least you gave me fair warning


lol. Awesome.

haha that is pretty funny Jeremy. Did he reprimand you or what was his reaction?

His reaction was a funny face and told me he wants one for his hyundai…he said he wants info on where to buy the horn and thats an order

don’t you hate it when they pull rank…lol