Scattered horn question on 14 Ram

Finally reinstalling horns in a Ram pickup. Scattered questions:

Nathan 5 chime was stored upright. Found some odd moisture inside it. Will disassemble and clean but any cleaning tips? It was like cups of water.

I understand you want the wire going to the compressor to be as short as possible. I have the tank going into my truck bed but I only see the truck bed as the best option for where to put th compressor. Where else have you guys been putting your compressors? (Doesn’t seem like under the hood is a good call. )

Thanks for any tips.

Ram 1500?

Check out the installs section for Ram trucks:

Or you can check out the links in my signature.


THanks. Will look up those links as suggested. Seems like most are having no issues with putting the compressor in the bed, then?

Reading the instructions, I was seeing that the wire from compressor to power should be short. But the wire from the battery to pressure switch is the long run. What’s not tooo much of a concern, right?

Lastly, I took the bells apart completely. Some nasty white oxidation set in. Have no clue where this poop came from. White crusty stuff as well as a liquid and gel. Anyway, trying to clean… vinegar, ZEP cleaner, Aluminum wheel cleaner… and lots of elbow grease. Hope these links work!

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Once clean, should I wipe these all down with industrial oil or WD 40 to prevent future oxidation?

SO this is as clean as the insides are gonna get. I used Aluminum wheel cleaner, carb choke cleaner, vinegar (even teste muriatic acid on one bell) but the best results were using a sparkling blade to scape off the hard scale deposits and then scrub with BARKEEPERS friend! BUt, before I put these back together, can anyone suggest what to wipe them down with before reassembly that will protect the insides? I was thinking WD 40??

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No need, it’s aluminium and as long as you blow them out once in a while it’ll be fine.

HornBlasters has replacement parts for it:

Other than that, get them on the truck and let us know how they sound!


Still working on a hard install but here is the sound

Test runs all weekend.


Did a bit more tweaking to the horns. How do these sound?

I saw an interesting comment that something was wrong with my horns in the last video… Any thoughts"?

So since my last post, I’ve mounted these under my truck and use a manual hornblasters valve that runs into my cab. Sounds great and more authentic.

Having said that, I just bought the electric air valve from HB and will try to replace the manual valve. (The instant full blast is a bit more startling and I think I want that this time around)

So I DONT want to run it to my car horn. Whats the easiest and best way to just run a separate horn button inside…Actually, I want to attach it to the floor as a foot pedal! Any suggestions on a horn button please?