School yard fun

So being that I live close enough to a school yard to justify a trip I decided to go with my friends and play with my K3. We went up to the school and honked it and listened to the echo, but in the echo was the sound of some lady yelling back at us in Greek. We had assumed she was saying something about the police :mad: so we all went our different ways, to make a long story short they are there now looking at things.

Oh yeah, I work at this school as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol your name explains it

hahah what the hell are they going to do now?

I’d say nothing. I mean we were playing with it again today without issue, so whatever. I just thought it was funny that they’d even entertain the idea of the people who called, because according to my local noise laws, anything is legal between 10 am - 12 AM Friday- Sat or 11am - 11 pm Sun or 7 am - 11 pm Monday - Thursday. So to be fair I was in the right.

My boss also likes the horn, so we were messing around with it with the big shop compressors on wheels in the back of the school today to see if anyone said anything about it… not a sound other than the echo came back.

man it is a horn…i don’t understand why people think calling police is going to do something. there is no way in hell UNLESS the cop is right next to you and knows you honked it…that they can do anything about it…