Scion tC horn kit

Hey guys,

I want to get a train horn kit for my scion tc. Obviously mounting places and space will be a semi-issue. Does anyone have experience on the best mounting location on a scion tc also which kit to go with from this site?

Any help will be appreciated! I saw one kit installed on a tC before but that person had a straight exhaust which left room on the old exhaust shielding area to be mounted to. I run TRD exhaust so that space is not readily available.

I do not want a crappy little kit, I want something that is loud and obnoxious. My budget is under 800 above 500.

xStevenx has a tc and he mounted them by the back bumper, i believe. You can find his videos on youtube or in the scares section

He has a scion xB if what I am reading is correct.

Does anyone have any scion tC train horn install pics?

No clue, send him a PM

You would probably have some room behind your bumper. Def do the shocker horns, they mount individually so you can place them all over your car if you are tight on space, I managed 2 in the front and 2 in the back on my accord. Also you would probably have room behind your bumpers.

As for tank and compressor, I would suggest a 200psi system such as a viair 480c and as big of a tank as you want. Im running a 480 on 5 gallons and love it.

Okay one more set of questions…

I want a 200 PSI system with a viair 480C and a 5 gallon tank… which kit is best for me? I do not see any kits fitting this description currently for sale?

Thanks guys again.

wow they must have dropped it… weird, well next best would either to call them and ask if they could piece one together or get this one

that has a 400c compressor, its a 150psi compressor and I have read good things about it.

I actually used to run my shockers at 150psi and its not bad. Its still extremely loud and it actually sounds more like a train. Just 200psi is a tad louder lol. The horns can sometimes squeak when its at 200psi as well.

What I would do is call them up and talk to them personally. Everyone I have talked to is very nice and informative. They can help you out.

Would this be the one you previously were thinking of? Problem with this kit below is the fact that it is only a 2 gallon tank rather than 5. LOSE LOSE SITUATION!!! :frowning: I sent them an email to see if they could piece together a better kit for me. I’ll let you know how I make out. Thanks!

Yeah I’d just give them a call too. That way they can help you out with any other questions that may arise and also make sure you have everything you need. Real helpful and easy to deal with. You may want to see if they have the 444c for sale separately. It is also a 200psi compressor and it is currently cheaper than the 480c.