Scooter horn

Could ill fix some horns in my scooter, im new and want some sound out of my scooter, and how can i do that ? i hope u can give me some tips,
i was thinking to put an compressor unther my seat where you can put the helmet, and below my scooter the horns,

Mark from The Netherlands,

Space on your scooter is going to be your biggest issue. Check the space under your seat and see if Hornblasters or a company there has a compressor that will fit. You will need a tank too.

Does your scooter have enough power to run an air compressor?

One word - STEBEL

Ya hoid of it?

For the size - they’re LOUD AS HELL!

Nautilus Twin Tone


Nautilus Compact Truck Horn (big sound, small package)

FYI - the compressor is built into the Stebel design… no need for a compressor for these - which is important on a scooter or motorcycle with limited room for anything.

That’s why you’re the pneumatic guru!

hmmmm and all this time i was tryin to figure out how to rig my K3 in a backpack when i was ridin my Ducati! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got the Stebel Nautilus Twin Tone on my scooter. It could be the most annoying sound ever. haha

has anyone got a sound clip of this stebel horn?


It is a little annoying but loud enough so people will hear it!

By the way, that video is on a M109R - the same style of bike I bought in August. I keep her next to my 2003 GSXR1000. I may upgrade the horn on the bike to this very horn - when Hornblasters starts carrying them!

i want to put the small bell from a k3 on my bike!