Second question from newbie in Portland OR

I am mounting my horns on my headache rack but it seems the trend here is to hid them under the truck or hood. The question is why?? Are you not really friggin proud of your horns? I can see hiding them from the law, but hiding them from the people you are honking at seems a little on the wussy side if that is the reason. When I honk my horns, somebody is going to deserve it, and I want my horns to stand up tall and proud and say “F__k yes that was me, now get out of my way before I shatter your windows!!”


Ooh you’re rocking some kleinns huh, nice choice (too many people default to hornblasters, good as they are). Odd to pair them with a manual valve though. Maybe you want your horns hidden because (asides from police officers, whom in America are paid bonuses for confiscating excessively loud horns) you don’t want your victims to later find your car and trash/pinch your horns. On my install I have the option to have them on show or hidden, depending on where I am and what I’m doing, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Well OK, I can understand the revenge factor. Even if somebody deserved it they may want revenge. As for law enforcement getting a bonus for confiscating loud horns, I am pretty sure the only bonus they get is the horns. :slight_smile:

Can you explain, I am very curious? I did a ton of research before I purchased anything and it seemed like the GW was the best option. I got the impression from the top dogs on the forum that if you didn’t have Nathans and you didn’t have a GW 353 then you didn’t have a train horn, period. Everything else was just a horn. I could not afford the Nathans, but maybe someday I could, so I got the GW valve thinking it was the best path to a future upgrade for a “real” train horn. I guess to throw the question back at you, why would one NOT pair an air horn with a manual air valve?? Besides, I assume you have honked an air horn with a GW valve?? It’s such a great feel to grab that big lever and give it a tug.

Also, BigHoss is my truck, not me. I just a scrawny little scrappy white guy.

Thanks for the response.