Second timer

Hey guys, Im new to this site and any kind of forum. I have a k3ha a 8 1/2 gallon aluminum tank 2 450c compressors and a g.w. valve. I started out with a 400 Dollar kit from ebay and after about the first two blasts i thought to my self, “this sucks” so after much research A.K.A (watching an enormous amount of videos and browsing through sites like these and listening to what pros prefer) I made the choice to get what i got. As of two days ago it is all hooked up and working great. I would be happy to post pics or even some vids of the install but i do not know how… Somebody please help me in this area. Thanks alot


welcome…what are you tryin to post videos or pictures

welcome! great choice on a k3ha!
i upload my pics on
and to post videos i use both are free

So I just upload to photobucket then create a link to it on this page?? I cant upload to this page?

upload to photbucket and copy the link with these tags around it
[img ][/img ]





welcome to the forum!