Secret place...

tell me pls

Secret place? What the hell are you talking about bro lol.

secret place from kenya?? don’t think I’m much interested to find out about it:D


I think that guys on meth or something lol.

theres ur secret place


awww it dont work any more i was hopeing to get it on tonight lmao

can also go find 2 girls and 1 cup…lol

lol I have heard some weird stuff about that site

u haven seen 2girls 1 cup?!?!

sadly. it was gross but looked fake. none of my turds have ever looked like that

LOL!!! how can u fake poop comin out of someones donkey??

stuff it up there… idk im not in that industry

LOL!!! ur too funny… but im sure everyone poop looks different…
im sure ur poop looks different from my poop…lol
that video wasnt fake

haha I can hope it was fake. I cant imagine how much they would have to pay me to eat or play with poop

yea but it was that one girls own poop too…thats just honkin gross…
those bitches are nasty! lol
i would easily take that 3 titted ***** over someone eattin poop

yea. did you see any of the other videos on that site. they were worse than the 2 girls 1 cup. my friend was like dude u think thats gross check this one out. it was disgusting

no didnt…what else did they have?

Omfg theres an even worse vid out now =/ its called like playing in the sand box or something all i know is i will never watch that again rofl you guys find out for yourselfs