Semi horns

Ok I have like a junk yard of old semi trucks behind my house a ways and thats how I got my Horns. Does anyone else have semi horns ? thease are freakin huge and I have 4 of them . and I am in the process of mounting them under my truck. Im tight on money so I have to make due of what I have gotten. I need a 380c compressor.

did you try them out first to make sure they work?

yes i my self an a few others on here have or have had semi horns… they are still loud but nowhere near as loud as a train horn or the shocker horns.

^ im going to agree with Version 7, ive had and still do have GROVER AIR HORNS…i have 2 stuttertone air horns on my truck…those are regulated at 95 psi…

Yea they work wonders . and they are made by Grover .I know there not as loud but umm they were FREE… So no worrys. Why do you only have 95psi going to them. is there a reason

I used to have grover 1510’s which are Emergency shutter tone horns.

its the best pressure

got ya

What about the tanks on a semi truck. I dont know the max pressure but it should be pretty high . do yall have any experiance with them?

Normally they are firestone tanks, The EDC on all of my air equiped trucks only goes to an average of 140PSi.

^^^ i agree there are firestone air tanks on them…

alright thanks.