Send us your train photos!

HornBlasters is putting the finishing touches on the catalog for 2011.

We currently are seeking some train photos. If you have a camera and know where some locomotives are. Go on an adventure and get recognized in our catalog.

We are looking for:
[li]Trains - at an Angled and Front position, still or in motion.[/li][li]Cabooses - at an angled position[/li][li]Train Tracks - at a front position[/li][/ul]

Email any photo’s you have of trains in the original quality or Photoshoped larger than 1920 x 1080 at 300 dpi, to with subject “Train Photo’s”.

If we pick your photo, we’ll send you out a HornBlasters T-shirt!

I look forward to seeing all your photos.

Please Note: All photo’s must be original, please do not send any photo’s you may have found on an internet search or other websites.

This sort of what you are looking for?

I have a nathan k3la with 3/4" hose, 1/2" valve, 5 gallon tank, viair 420c and 480c.

Yes, this is exactly what we’re looking for! Do you have any more photo’s? We would like to have a couple different ones to choose from. The more the better.

Thanks again! If we pick your photo, we’ll send you out a T-shirt!

This is the only other one I have from that set…are you looking for just train pictures, or do you want the train and whatever vehicle you have a horn on in the picture as well?

only train photos i have are xxx…lmao jk

Even better lol. As long as they’re chicks in the photos. :smiley:

Ya, if your trucks in the photo, we might be able to use that.

for example, Stephen is going to be featured in the catalog.

But we really want train photos. Either way we will put any photos into consideration.

link doesnt work…

i work for ns i will get you some pics posted in the next few days

That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see the photo’s. :smiley:

I have tons of train pictures. I sent you guys like 2 emails with pics, but you never responded. i can send them again if you didn’t get them.

Great pic:D

Just for fun lol! This was a train going by my work on bnsf full of tanks

Thesd are all pics i have taken personally hope you guy like them!