seperating k bells from manifold

Has anybody separated the bells from any k horns and made a setup with them, all separated to fit into a tighter space. If so can i see some pictures and get some instructions/help please,=] thanks ~Dan maybe this will help you out

thanks for the replies so fast anymore pictures or instructions?? thankss

Sooo, how would one go about mounting that custom setup???

that’s on Ebay right now lol. And good question Lance.

zip ties! unF!!


Or if not, U bolts might do well:)

how did you get that to work…

Me. :slight_smile:

x2 great work he does

Im still waiting for pics.


Post or die.

whats me…

me is who you are. Like i could refer to myself as me.

^ lol

i will mount my k3ha separated just like the sockers thanks to “Farmer69” ad thanks to the $115.00 i paid lol