Serious help

ok heres the deal… i want to make my train horns wireless. i have a crimestopper 2 way alarm

first one

and here is the manual…

now to make this easy… i have the grey wire not hooked up and the solid blue wire not hooked up

i believe i need to use the grey wire…however it says to connect the gray wire to a relay…how would i go about doing this if i want to be able to hionk with my horn also?

GRAY WIRE: (-) NEGATIVE AUX REMOTE OUTPUT 1 (Optional, may require a relay)
Connect to the Negative trunk release circuit or to the activation circuit of an auxiliary module or device. If the
circuit requires +12V, then a relay is required. RELAY WIRING: Connect the Gray wire to terminal 85, connect
relay terminals 86 and 87 to +12V constant power. Connect terminal 30 of the relay to the +12V positive
device/circuit to be activated.

this confuses me… can anyone help?

Gray wire should be connected to 85, that will be your negative trigger. Connect a positive to #'s 86 and 87 then connect the 30 to the positive side of you horn solenoid. What will happen is when you activate the gray wire from your alarm remote control, gray wire will provide a negative signal to terminal 85 energizing your relay coil which will close the switch within the relay, thereby applying a positive signal to terminal 30 from 87. The positive signal from 30 will then be applied to the positive side of your horn solenoid, energizing it and opening the valve and WHAMMMM! tot tot…

Damn thanks alot man!

its nto workin :confused:

We will have to do a step by step troubleshooting on this one.

  1. Do you hear a clicking sound in the relay whenever you push the button that activates the gray wire?
  2. If yes, the coil relay is and the signal coming from the gray wire are okay.
  3. If no, it’s either your relay is bad or no signal from the gray wire.
  4. You can check the relay by applying a negative signal to 85 and a positive to 86, you can do this directly from the battery. You should hear a click sound if the relay is good, if it is, check the gray wire signal.
  5. You must have a 12 volt tester to do this. There are those 5 dollar testers at one of the automotive stores there in US. Hook up the gray wire to one side of the tester and hook the other to a known positive wire or directly to the battery.
  6. Also check the tightness of your connections, sometimes them wire crimpers does not work correctly.
  7. Let’s try that for now…

IT WORKS SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!! my positive wasnt a good one thats all it was

Awesome! great job man.

thanks alot mike!