Setup finally came!!!!

Came around 2 pm today I was soooo excited:D…I took a few pics of it here on top of my car. These things are so freakin huge lol. I found out that my front bumper cavity isnt big enough for all of the horns so they will go behind my rear bumper. I have to take the bumper off though ;(. That last pick I showed is what the wiring came with, but I see no 12 gauge wire for the horns so Im gonna have to buy some myself. Tomorrows all day project.

haha nice!! get it installed!

lmao those are almost as long as your hood

oh yeah! always good to come home to goodies:Dnow get busy!:cool:

Well all i can say is damm these babies are loud! Me and my buddy started on it 11 this morning and called it a day around 10 at night. Most of the setup is finished all the horns mounted in various spots below my spare tire area. Compresser and tank I mounted on a piece of 2’’ x 10’’ to the trunk floor, and all the air lines are inside the trunk. Did a few things a little different from the manual and ended up not using that hard to bend nylon air line that comes with the kit and used 5/16’’ good year hose instead. Was a pain in the *** getting all new fittings Lowes and Home Depot were starting to make me angry lol. I needed all 1/4’’ fittings (female/male nipples, T splitter, Cross splitter, thread reducers) and the thing that blew my mind was they had everything in 3/8’’ on up :mad:. Found a good machine and tool shop that sold fittings and finally i get my tank plumbed with about 3 hrs of screwing around. Another thing I did different from the manual, was instead of running 1/4’’ air hose from the tank to the horn manifold was threading the solenoid valve directly to the tank, and all the nipples connected to a cross manifold on the tank also. Figured that would work alot better since everything is in the trunk and less crap for me to mount. Olny thing left to do is all the wiring, I couldnt wait so I hooked jumper cables up to my buddys car and to the horn wires HHHHHHHHOOOONK!!! I was so happy they sounded all at once. Pictures to come soon guys!

sounds great!

A few updated pics of my compresser and air tank.

XTREMELY HUGE and pixalette pictures…lol

Glad you like your kit man. I take it the wiring will be finished today? Did you get everything in your kit or were you missing something? Let me know what you had to buy and we will reimburse you buddy.

Yep got all the wiring hooked up this afternoon and everything worked without a flaw the first time to give it a go. My kit was missing the 12 gauge hook up wire but no big deal I bought about 45 foot at home depot for 10 bucks. Horns are hooked up to a momentary push button and the compresser is hooked up to the on/off switch. The wiring worked out really nice because I found a hole that was plugged near the bottom of my fire wall so I didnt have to drill any holes :). Played around with em a bit today many many scares god do i love these things!

haha Nice. I got my kit today, hopefully tomorrow ill get some laughs out of it.