Thought id share my setup since its a little different than usual

The truck:

Tank mounted in the back:

Horn on top of my basket:

sticker before i got into horn blasters:


i kno its not the best install, but i was in a rush to use them for the brad paisely concert that night and havent changed the setup since then

I take it the raised platform has another purpose besides mounting the tank & compressor?

If it aint broke, why fix it?

ya i got my 15 in there and my amps and stuff…i didnt want to drill into the car itself

looks good y didnt you face 2 forward and 2 back similar to a real train horn?

alot of ppl have said that to me…when i first got them i thoguht they could get damaged if i did that…but i will be doing that soon

good idea!

make or buy some screens for the front ones

i see…which 2 should i turn?

I used to have an Xterra. A 2000 yellow one. There’s something about Xterra’s with 15’s. I had 2 L7 15’s in mine with a 10 cubic foot box haha. I miss it :frowning:

I’d probably turn the biggest forward and the 2nd smallest.

damn, that Xterra looks familiar, lol. Looks good and sounds good too! They’re pretty loud since there on top.

LOL ya thanks for helpin me fix it by the way…

no prob. anytime.

does look familiar…lol

hows it familiar to u lol?