She Didnt See That Coming

Me and my gf decided we wanted to go to cicis pizza for dinner so we pull into the plaza and up to a 4 way intersection. I got there first and I was turning right so i had the right of way but she dicided that the big truck pulling out wasent that big of a deal so she rolls the stop sign and pulls about half way out,
she then slams on her brakes and lays on her horn so I reach over and drain my tank. The look on this ladies face was priceless, her jaw dropped and she had to be thinking wtf.
It was awesome.

haha you put her horn to shame xD

very nice! thats the best feeling when you know you are right and then you give them a little extra! nice work!

and totally random… but how is cici’s?! ive always wanted to go there lol

cicic’s is heaven…

Decent pizza. But like 5 bucks for all you can eat… its worth it lol

thats funny lol
i had a simler thing
happen to me a
wile back lol
i bet she did not
see that coming lol.

That’s awesome BigChevy…exactly what they’re meant for!
Well, they’re good for scaring unsuspecting people too, but you know what I mean.

And anybody that hasn’t had cici’s pizza -well- you ain’t missing much…lol.
What do you expect for 5 buck

Cicis is the best pizza around for the price. Plus they have the dessert pizza and cinimon rolls that I eat till I bust.

yessssss i wanna go

cant go rong with
pizza man hell 5
bucks i be a happy
man lol that pizza
place reminds me
of papa johns with
the goodys well at
least that pizza place is cheper.