Ship horn help advice required........

Can anyone shed some light on this Horn??

How much air is required?:smiley:

What type of Tyfon horn is it?:smiley:

How feasible would it be to connect up?:confused:

Interesting for sure.

When you’re looking for answers about any horn, whistle, bell, or siren, the guys on will know.

It looks like a ship horn, but it could also be a siren.


I know exactly what kind of horn that is…

A HUGE honking HORN

Too bad it’s in India.

Whys that mate? They ship to the US & UK…

Does anyone actually go on the whistle board forum ( ? could someone please post on there asking what horn this is please??? I did try signing on but there was a silly security question asking the manufacturer of Tyfon and no matter what I tried I could not get past the security question! (me being thick)

Across the bell measures 17" and they are fibre glass.

I would love one of these on my car… Any help would be greatly appreciated guys?:D:D:D:D

ok I have found out what model it is and have a pdf from Kockums, very helpful…:smiley: but if anyone is on the whitsleforum, could they have a search for anyone with one of these horns and any videos?
Its a Kockums MKT 150/200 with a TV781.
Thanks guys.:smiley:

Yeah it estimates the shipping at $150 USD. I just meant that’s a lot of money (and trust). Shipping is probably less for you.

I don’t think I ever signed up at HWB to ask a question, but it’s fun to browse over there.

I posted it there requesting verification of the horn and any sound or video recordings. It’s titled “Kockums MKT 150-200 with a TV781”.

They must have thought there was more than one because here’s the only response so far.

"These should be a decent buy at $500 for the pair. They look like they are in good shape. The fiberglass trumpets are not that collectible so prices on these haven’t skyrocketed, nor will they in the future because these are what will be coming off the ships after the bronze and aluminum ones are gone.

150 millimeter diaphragm powerchamber size
200 hertz sound, stainless steel diaphragm.

Adam had these on his truck, and Jim Caruthers on his truck which can be seen and heard in a YouTube video that is on Big Mikes channel called “Jim Caruthers send off” it is quite impressive although Jims horns are Kockum Sonics, a newer version, and slightly modified by Jim.

Here’s the link to that video but there’s more than just the Kockums horn sounding off.

Here’s another response:

This is one that is for sale by Manish in India.
I have one similar, but no recording yet. It’s a nice horn, PC is bronze and bell is fiber-glass.
Very powerfull, and if you want to begin with a ship horn, you have a good starter.

I tried to upload a sound file of a different horn that sounds the same but it failed. If you go to this link - - there is a “Zöllner ZM200.wav” attachment you can listen to.

Your a star Dan, thank you veryyyyyy much mate:D

I’m glad I could help!

This reply is from the other forum’s administrator:

I had one of these. By itself it’s pretty ho hum, but paired with the MKT 150/165 it sounds absolutely amazing. The big supertyfons don’t really shine unless you put them together in tuned pairs (same goes for the MKT 150/90 and 150/110 – together they are so much more than the sum of the parts).

I asked him if your issue with registering was a result of you living in the UK.

Here’s his reply about registering:

Nothing about registration has to do with where you are. Honestly, 99% of people who contact me about trouble registering are not reading the special instructions about the CAPTCHA validation code, or the even the not-exactly-subtle error message that you get when you ignore them. They are putting in the code they see and not the 6-letter manufacturer name that is explicitly asked for. It has to be like this because there is no variant of CAPTCHA that spambots can’t decipher.

Cheers once again Dan for that.

Could I be a real pain in the bottom & ask you to ask about the air source required for one of these Horns? Do they eat air?

Thanks again & Merry Christmas. :smiley:

OK it’s posted and I hope you had a Merry Christmas too. Have safe and Happy New Year.