Shocker burn out!

Tell me these arnt SHOCKERS at 12secs in?

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seen that video…i would never do that to my tires.and no tellin what they can be

It sounded like them to me. Shockers first then Psycho Blasters.

damn that truck was almost as loud as the horn… and lol at wasting that very expensive rubber. that guy must be rolling in dough

i dont think those are phsyco blasters cuz they are higher pitched…but yes look at that lift… im sure that lift hes doing cost somewhere about 10k…tires lets say about 4k…rim and the truck…and to be doing that to the rubber… hes got money

The ground was totally wet. Its unlikely that the burnout hurt the tires much, if at all IMO.

Sound like truck stop chrome horns. I cant believe the morons dancing in front of the truck.

I agree after listening to it again

lol are you kidding? look at the smoke. that’s rubber being melted and vaporized right off the tire…