Shocker DX Kits

Introducing our brand new line of horn kits, the Shocker DX kits.

These all-inclusive kits are designed for those of you with a little less space to work with. Included are two of our Shocker horns, paired with an all-in-one Viair air source.

If you have a smaller vehicle and want something extremely loud, this is the solution. The horns are only about 12 and 15 inches in length and fit just about anything.

Check them out and let us know if you have any questions; we’d be more than happy to answer any you might have

Ive ran my setup from 2 horns before. it honestly didnt sound that bad. just my .02

can someone post a sound clip of this kit

wow very nice! yeah a sound clip will be nice

Find a clip of the S4 and cover one ear… and u have the sound slip of the new one :smiley:

Sorry man, I dont have any sound clips of just running the two horns. Imo It was close to the same loudness, it just didnt have the fuller tone like it does with all 4 bells together… What bells exactly come with this kit? is it the two smallest length bells?

Great idea guys!
-Especially during tougher economic times!


I take it that those are the number one and 2 bells of the shocker kits?

Also are they offered with the XL features or just the VX shockers?


according to the measurements given on the site… the horns included are the two shortest ones.

OK guys, they are the # 3 and # 4 bells. they are the two shorter ones. Also they do come with the upgraded valve a 3/8 valve in this kit. Along with all push to connect fittings for quick and easy installations!

Sorry for bumping this old thread, but i’m really interested in buying this kit but i would love to know what it really sounds like and how much of an “impact” it has on your environment when using it first.

Could someone who has the kit upload a sound file or a small video?