Shocker horn help

I just got all my horns and my tank and compressor put in my truck the valve is clicking and the compressor is working fine the tank is holding good psi but my horns won’t honk and advice on how to trubleshoot this thanks

Is your valve on backwards? How much PSI is the tank holding?

I’m not sure I let the compressor run for about 5 min I have a digital gauge for just haven’t hooked it up yet but I figured I would hear a wine or sum thing I put the valve on with the air flow arrow pointing at the horns

If you say the valve clicks then its opening, it sounds like no air is getting into the tank, is your leader hose put on correctly?

Yes I can take a plug out of my tank and air flys out of there so it has air I’ll double check my valve to make sure it’s right

Ok because if the tank has air then something is not letting to air get to the horns like the valve.

Right it doesn’t mater how the valve is wired right I have the red wire to a switch and the black wire to a ground and the switch has a 12 volt source to it

Nope it doesnt matter.

1 wire grounded.

Other wire Goes to switch then switch to a power source. Are you sure valve is opening?

Can you link to what kit you have?

Well I pieced this kit together it’s the shocker horns a 3 gallon tank and a viair 480 compressor the valve is what came with the horns

Got it fixed I dnt have 12 volts to my valve thanks for all your help

Good deal, glad its working for you now lol