Shocker horns help!!

What is some good ideas for painting my horns I was thinking white with black inside? And can you paint the air compressor? And does this void lifetime warranty on them?

Don`t paint the compressor head, that is how it cools.

Welcome to the forum. What compressor has a lifetime warranty?

i agree!!! none that i know of.

Sorry not compressor the horns painting them would that void the warranty?

Just ask who your buying them from first.

Alright thanks and one more thing anybody have problems with the horns getting wet from hornblasters and starting to squeak

where and how are they mounted?

Under the truck facing forward but tucked behind the cab

Maybe try and point them down abit if they aren’t already, so water runs out.

I have my horns sent to hornblasters right now do to
The fact that they started to come apart at where they come Incontact with the diaphragm which was causing the sqeaking and anybody know the best way to set up a key fob for the horns?

You a 12volt remote and maybe a relay but that depends on how many amps the remote is rated for and how many amps the horn sol draws.

you could wire it up to your key fob on your car or get a separate 12v remote to signal it.

i did 12v install because my truck didn’t have the fob mines good for about 650ft