Shocker S4 button included?

I am thinking of buying the shocker S4 and was wondering if it includes the button to start the horn because I want to stay away from intergrating it with my stock horn and wheel.

not sure about that but even if it dosent you can pick up a button or a momentary toggle switch (which is what i use) for less than $4 at a auto parts store

Alright thanks!
Also does the switch to turn the compressor on and off ususaly come with the kit?

no it uses a relay to turn the compressor off and on, you would have to buy a switch if you wanted to add that feature

pressure switch does come with the kit and also a toggle switch that you can toggle back and forth from your factory horn with it .

Yeah it doesnt come with the horn button as Rigo said, but when you buy the button make sure you get the momentary one not the click on click off type. Yes the S4 kit comes with a 30 amp relay, and the toggle on/off switch can be used for the compressor and the horns like I have my setup wired. Also along with the push button you will want to get a 5 amp inline fuse that comes with a fuse holder for your horns. You can find those at Auto Zone for pretty cheap.

So if I do decide to hook it up to my wheel, will I be able to switch it from the stock horn to the train horn without having them both go off at once?

No, you will need two toggle switches to run them seperatley.