"Shocker" switches

I wanted to show everyone some switches I custom ordered. HOPEFULLY the folks over at hornblasters don’t get upset. This was custom artwork and text designed for these switches. But in the future will activate a set of shockers :smiley:

So what do ya think?? I’m a fan of the one on the left, but wanted to see what both designs looked like

2 of the many more I got made for my truck

Okay that’s just cool!

Need some more info though … can they make them from the Can-Am switches for the Commander/Maverick?

How big are they? I’d love to replace my Radio Shack switch that I’m currently using in the spot where the power assisted pedal switch goes on my truck.


Thats very cool.I looked them up earlier.I may have to steal your idea

I prefer the one on the left, too. Those look like the switches sold by OTRATTW. If so, be warned the blue LEDs are stupidly bright. You will want them placed in a location that does not project light into your field of view (like placement in an overhead console will); they’re that bright.

Looking at that switch you linked to, it is a Carling Contura II, the switch i posted is a Contura V, both use the same size mounting hole. OTRATTW.com sells both styles and im sure you could call to have either customized!!!

When I get home later I can take measurements for you, According to Carling’s sith though, Mounting Hole Dimensions Per Switch .83" x 1.45" ; 21.08mm x 36.83mm

That exactly where i ordered from:)! Yea, the blue is HORRIBLY bright. About blinded myself without the rockers on the switch body. Glad I didnt go with the Blue/Blue setup. In the end these will be mounted in a center console so I am hoping these will be out of my direct line of sight. plus the bottom blue LED is independent so i can put in a dimmer if i want to.

They don’t dim all that much – your cluster will be almost dark/unusable when these are dim enough to be unobtrusive. I know because I have 4 blue/blue switches in an overhead console and they’re on the dimmer. :slight_smile:

For me it’s a non-issue, as I have almost 3x the light output of a stock vehicle up front, so the contrast change in the cab, while noticeable, didn’t phase me too badly – it just felt like my headlights got a little more dim when, in reality, it was the cab getting a LOT brighter. But for folks who haven’t done that, be warned … the blue LED switches are insanely bright and can actually pose a hazard to night driving if not placed carefully in the cab.

What kind of price?


Good to know!!! I’m hoping in the center console MOST of the light output will be pointing up and not directly at me. Here are some rough estimates of size for those who asked.

Forgot to get a width but ill guess it’s about 3/4" wide.

MaloDave- Each rocker was $5.25/each and the switch bodies were $11.50/each. So $17 per switch. Some bodies cost more/less depending on configuration. I do believe you can do custom text with any of the symbols they offer. Call em’ up! Excellent folks to work with!!!