shocker threads striped?

So i have two sets of shocker, 1 is the quick connect. but the other is the old way…so anyways i went to un-tread the lines to take off the horns and the entire gold thread that goes into the horn came out. The fittings are stuck on the gold thread…i got the fittings off but my question is can i just put the gold threaded rod back into the shocker and not have any air leaks or should i glue them back in?

Came out like ripped out? or just un-screwed? I’m pretty sure some epoxy would take care of it.

just unscrewed

You should be able to screw it back in.

loctite 545 FTW!

does that work better than the blue loctite?

say use that AUTOMOTIVE GOOP stuff is great strong and will last a lifetime!! and will not bond like super glue. turns into a clear strechy bond. this should work for you!