Shocker Train Horn not working

I have the train horn installed, everything worked good for a year or so. My compressor doesn’t kick on anymore. How can i be sure the compressor is dead, or is there some troubleshooting i can do to narrow it down. It is wired to come on with the ignition.


Grab the wires direct from the compressor motor and touch them direct to your battery terminals or some jump leads. That way you’ll know if it’s the motor or a switch.

I did what you said and the compressor works. Now it will not shut off so I’m assuming its something to do with the pressure switch. Is there any troubleshooting/fixes or am i on the hook for a new one?

Well if you’ve bypassed the pressure switch and the compressor runs, you know it’s the switch that’s faulty. New pressure switches are cheap, just get a new one.