shocker train horns

This is my new set up, 5 gallon tank with 2 sets of the shocker xl.

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let me know what you think.

Soundin Sweet Car Ram eRod. Sounds like need a bigger tank. Compressor kicked on right away. Light them up Man!

next time take a vid from a distance, sounds loud as hell though!

sweet they were def screamin

dear god your poor camera mic…

that was loud

i think your mic on that device just perished

yup definately need more air. 2 SETS!?! effin loud!!

haha thats right…

god i hope not, the wife would kill me since we just got it for a wedding gift

Dun dun dun dun… terror music plays in the background. butt chewing ensues. lol

hahaha u r in big trubles my friend hahaha

i checked the camera…im safe.