Shocker xl 5/16 ?

Hey guys i got a big ? for ya. When I get my Shocker XL kit
next month, I already have the plans laid out for the install,
I am going to mount the horns on a flat bar with the splitter and valve on top. The ? is, how long can the 5/16 air tubing be from splitter to horns? Do they have to be the same length? Does it matter?
If anybody knows, please share your advice.
Also, what’s the difference between the HB4H and the HA_S4?
I know the difference between the Classic 4 and the Shocker XL,
but what’s the difference between the other two?

note. sorry for the miss spelld words guys.

Its a small difference. but really, unless you listen for it. you cant tell. Thats my opinion on it. I have 2 in the rear of my car, and 2 in the front if that gives you a reference on how much different the 2 lengths are.

if you can make the tubing the same length to each horn do it… the longer the tubing is the longer it takes for the horn to sound, so if it’s a good difference then you will hear the shorter tubed horns sound before the longer tubed horns. Ideally you want then to all sound at once. There’s no difference between the hb4h/conductor’s special/S4. They are all the same horns, just different names. The XL as you know is just a bigger valve and air line to the valve

Make sure the 5/16 airline to each horn is the same length. The horns each have a musical note, so you want the bells to sound at the same moment, to get an authentic train sound.

Also, get the valve as close to the horns as possible. If it is mounted further away, then there will be a delay from time the air leaves the solenoid valve, to the moment it reaches the horns.

If you have any questions, you can also PM me.

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