shocker XL horns inside box / directions?

Hi guys,

is it possible to mount two shocker XL horns facing each side or will it sound goofy?

Any disadvantages from mounting them inside a box? Of course I will cut four hole for openings of the trumpets.
I plan to to pair 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 with 1 being the longest.

Started today mounting the saftey valve and drain plug extension. I used 3 rotations sealing tape on the reducers, but I can’t screw them all the way in.

The saftey valve had some red stuff on it, but even that can’t be screwed in all the way.

Can I leave it like that or will it leak?

The plug went all the way in using also 3 rotations sealing tape:

The horns will sound muffled inside of a box especially if that bed cover is down. NPT threads are tapered and do not need to be threaded in all the way to seal. I haven’t had much luck with Teflon tape. Loctite 545 would work better.

Thank you sir! Can’t find Loctite 545 over here, but 542.


When it comes to LocTite follow these words:

Blue is good
Red you’re dead

Red LocTite will need a lot of heat to get it to loosen up, so always use blue.


Hm I didn’t find any blue loctite for pneumatics/hydraulics :frowning:

So slowly moving forward and next question:
Can I use the filter on the viair like this or do I have to relocate the filter housing? It fits in there and doesn’t touch the tank, but its a really tight fit…

Had to remove the drain, because idiot me left that rubber thing at the compressor hose inside, when I installed it and it got caught in the drain on the botton --> no problem breaking the red LocTite loose :smiley:

I had a horn setup in the back of a 97 Ram pickup with a bed cover. Sounded a little less with bed cover down. Much better with cover rolled up. Like your install.:D:D:D