Shocker XL kit for sale

I bought these new in January 2012. They were on my truck for a month before I pulled them and installed K3’s. They have been sitting in my shop ever since. This kit goes for 279.99 new. I’m looking to get $180 OBO. Hit me up with offers

SOLD!!! Thanks for looking.

Can I ask why you sold them, and what you upgraded to and if you liked it? I just installed the same horns on my truck.

From the post he said he upgraded to a K3, which is a Nathan k3 off an actual train. The K3 is a larger horn and quite a bit louder. Its a horn you could hear when a train is passing the tracks, and if you compare your XLs to the K3 you can hear a significant difference. I’ve had the shockers for several years now with no major complaints! They are extremely durable and work in all kinds of weather and muck.

Yeah I realized after I posted that he said the k3. I’m aware if what the k3 is but thx for the information. Just wanted his personal opinion on the differences.

Hey are you selling that k manifold that’s in the pic?

Sorry fellas, I haven’t been on in a while. Yeah I upgraded because I wanted a true train sound. Not that the shockers aren’t loud as hell, just not on the same level as the K3. The reason I got on here tonight is to find the 3A and 5 bells to make mine a K5 :smiley:

Yeah I still have it and would sell if someone’s interested…