Shockers + engine heat?

Hi guys I’m new to the forums. My name is Alex and i’m from Holland (so my English may be a little weird). I have known hornblasters for years but never had the money to buy a kit. Now I did and I just got it in the mail (conductor’s special 228vx). Went for the cheapest kit because shipping alone was 220 dollars :o
I’m going to put them in an opel astra 2002, so I have very limited space…
I can fit the 2 smallest ones at the bottom of the engine bay, the biggest two are in the top, near the engine.

My question is: will they be allright where they are now? I don’t want them to melt lol


(the horns are not touching anything metal from the engine, but they are close.)

Anyway, it will be a zip tie galore I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any help and I will try to post more images when I continue installing the horns. Can’t wait to hear them for the first time in person!:smiley: Only heard it in videos

You want to keep it 6-8" away from any heat source. Engine block, exhaust, muffler ect.

Also keep your air lines clear of the same heat sources (especially the one from the tank to the solenoid) - they tend to go soft long before the horns do. If they’re under pressure then they just pop a bubble and blow out.

Quoted for truth!

Thanks guys, i’m going to get puzzling again later today. Because of my A/C there is an extra radiator in front of the engine radiator, with a big fan, so there is not much space there unfortunately. I’m going to take off the bumper and try to fit at least 3 in there. One will stay in the engine bay or at the bottom. I will keep the airlines far away from the engine.
I really need this on my car :smiley:

Welcome to the forum. Shielding and directing fresh air might help with the horns and air lines.