Shockers on 2011 Taurus SHO

I got them installed about 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying them since. I had a car audio installer friend do the electrical. He wired the solenoid and compressor off of a relay. There is a turn on switch, and a momentary push button mounted to a small piece of abs below the steering wheel. I am a little reluctant to drill into a 1 year old car, so I ran the 1/2" line to a drain port in the trunk. I will drill a hole near the box so you can’t see the line when looking in the trunk.

All four horns and solenoid secured with 24" zip ties. All four fit inside the bumper. Two faces left and two faces right.

Open side of the box is pointed towards the back seats. There is a gap between the box and the seats so the compressor can draw in plenty of air.

My buddy who did the electrical also built the box and made it fit perfect. It’s secured with a couple screws attached to an aluminum bracket. I wasnt sure if the compressor got hot enough to melt the line, so I wrapped some with aluminum foil tape. Doesn’t look the best, but nobody ever sees it. Also put more tape inside the box because it sat so close to the wood. I didn’t want it getting burned up or anything.

My goal with the install is to have a system I could remove in 1 hour, no holes drilled in the car, and was as stealth as possible.

Zip Ties are great

Nice job! The fake woofer box is a great idea. Once that hose is hidden you’ll be golden.

Nothing is going to burn up if it’s not directly touching the compressor head or leader hose - so you’re good to go.

AMEN!!! and there was much rejoicing!!! :smiley:

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At least it’s a nice table hockey setup.

Yeah, when you score a goal, the horns blow :smiley:

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