Shockers wired to alarm

hows it going im looking to confirm my thinking when it comes to wiring my s4’s when i get them to my alarm im getting installed wednesday…i pm’d N2OFast and asked him a min ago so i am open to all corrections in my thinking

you will need a relay from the alarm to the run the horns :wink:

When i had my shop hook up the horns to the alarm they wired the solenoid to a Aux button on remote so i could just give one honk if i wanted… And its wired if the alarm goes off.

One thing i had them do tho was put a shutoff switch on the alarm going off wire to solenoid so i could turn it off at night in case it accidentally went off… I didnt need that waking my whole neighborhood up! Its wired to my psychoblasters :wink:

Heres 2 vids

Here’s just the single honk

And heres the alarm going off