Short and Cheesy but still funny!

ok, short vid of McCain/Palin people out picketing the day before or of the Presidential Election at a local market house…my camera is ghay and cuts off the last few secs when you hit the button to end the video so it ends just as people react

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Embed it… code is on You Tube for embedding.

saweet! thanks man, took me a min to find it but i got it so you can remove yours if you want!

It’s a start. Travis looks like you need a camera person. But def. the beginning of more to come I am sure.

right…i have this for my headrest but that day yes, i didnt have anyone available and it was at the last minute when i got it goin and recorded it then!

thats great for when u get pulled over by a cop and record what he says

i need one of thise for my ram lol

wasnt too bad to make…held the 1x1/8" flat stock at an angle to correct the angle for the seat lean and drilled it then welded a square tubing on that and just have a lock nut up top that stops the camera at the right position to face straight out and threaded rod ran though the tube with the turn nob on bottom lockin in the lock nut so it doenst turn or if does i just loosen the knob on bottom and straighten it back out then tighten the knob to lock it in…if that all makes sense, lol!

I made one for my roommates Rx8 when he went to the track. Worked pretty well, next time i think ill use a suction cup that sticks to his sunroof.