shorted out compressor?

Hey guys, I purchased my horns about 2 1/2 yrs ago, and it took me about a year later to finally get to putting them on the wifes Excursion. They only ran for about 3 months and then my fuse started blowing by the battery (40 amp). So here we are another 3 months later and I am finally getting around to really looking at the problem. I initially had thought that I had a short in my main wire from battery to pressure switch, I checked it for continuity to ground and nothing and visually it looks good as well. I then checked my positive wire from the compressor and I have continuity to ground which tells me that I have a short in my compressor. I’m pretty sure its the 325c viair that came in the kit. Water hasn’t been an issue or nothing like that I’m in Arizona. I’m shocked that I only got 3 months out of this thing! I know I’m out of warranty and thats my fault for taking so long to hook the damn thing up. So am I pretty much screwed or can I rebuild this thing or do I have to get a new one. I’ve allways heard good things about Viair, but dang this sucks.

does it keep blowing fuses? If so try checking and making sure that you don’t have a Positive wire thats bare and grounding to the car causing a short.

You can usually rebuild the compressor half, but I don’t know about the motor half.

I know how that goes with the warranty. I’m real good at buying parts, but then they sit.

thanks guys, i’m guessing replacement, but maybe Lance will chime in with some advice. And yes it keeps blowing fuses, and no bare wires.

Welcome to the forum! Wasn’t there an old thread about fuse issues associated with the check valve?

DC motors aren’t too hard to repair, if you have the knowledge for it. Don’t these things draw around 70 amps though?

I had read that about it maybe being a check valve, changed it and no luck. I wouldn’t know where to start on rebuilding the motor.

Couple of questions first, since the check valve has been ruled out:

How long is the positive wire lead to the battery?
What gauge wire is the positive wire lead?
What fuse size are you running at the battery for this wire run?
Please double check the label on the compressor to verify your compressor model.

This is our recommended wire gauge application chart.

  1. Determine maximum amp requirements for your compressor.

  2. Take into account all turns, twists and angles to determine overall length of wire needed to supply power to any 12- or 24-volt item (like compressors).

  3. When in doubt, go to the next larger gauge wire.

  4. Fuse appropriately.