should i clean the horns?

should i clean the inside of the horns? they look dirty but im not sure what to do or not do.

what horns? If they sound fine, I dont see a reason to clean them, I had my k5’s under my truck and never cleaned the stuff off until i took them off so they looked nice on my shelf lol

well i opened them up and saw how dirty they are. i just bought them havnt had them hooked up properly yet.

Well if you got them open then you might aswell since you just got them

is there the chance that i am going to damage something?

What horns do you got? I doubt you can damage anything lol


yea how do the diaphrams look?

a bit greasy and with some other weird lookin gunk in there

can u get some pics? it wouldnt hurt to clean them anyway imo

These are just the 5 bells, i have not opened the others yet

The diaphram looks fine, but the inside of that bell could stand a little cleaning. Looks like a little more oxidation than normal, but it should be fine.


Of course, clean them if you feel like it