should i put another k5 or a k3 on my truck

Ok everyone has seen my k5la old cast build, The thing is i am getting 5 new cast bells for a k5 but no manifold next week. Here is my question, I am debating to either turn them into a set of k3s and put under the front of my truck or just get another k5 manifold and have 2 K5’s on my truck, they will surely sound different from one another being one is old cast and one is new. what do you guys honestly think.:confused:

Also i am having more fun hearing them rather than scaring people if this makes any difference.

That will be loud either way.

if i could i would… put a bunch on there!

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I did a k5 on the rear with a Graham white and a k3 on the front with my stock horn switched. If you plan on getting more horns later, I would build a Head ache rack mount to mount some up there for video and display.

think i am going with a set of k3la’s up front, I am more into the different tones than scaring people, watched a train go by today with a set of p3’s and made me want them too. I may just turn into a collector and have a place for a quick connect in my truck lol.

K5la old cast…

No such thing…

Well I guess the correct term would be my second gen K5s. But I am putting new cast bells with the raised letters on the K3 which is why I called them old cast. Sorry for the wrong terminology.but correct me if I am wrong but being they don’t make the gen twos cast anymore couldn’t those be called old cast??? Remember I am still learning so be nice lol

And I do realize they are not the original sand cast.