Silverado with EDC?

Anyone with a newer Chevy Silverado (not sure how much different the engine is in older models, I have the 5.3l V8) have an Engine Driven Compressor?

I need to know how much longer the Serp belt would have to be and how difficult the installation would be…

Call George at Extreme Outback … when I bought mine it came with a new serpentine belt and everything to do the install.

The only issue I had was with the Dodge/Cummins combo, the install instructions called for bending the power steering lines. I just replaced them with 10,000 PSI lines from a local farm/agriculture parts place and no issues in 6 years.


Kris, What’s the AMP draw on the EDC you are running? I’m wiring in a new console and a new fuse block for everything but want to do it correctly. I would like to avoid installing another relay as I will already have 2 under the hood but if push comes to shove, I’ll shove…


It’s run off the serpentine belt, so the only amp draw (10 amps) is for the electric clutch to turn on. Toss an inline fuse on it and it works like a champ.

When it kicks on its almost like turning on the A/C … you feel it but the engine adjusts.

Oh, and LOADS of air!


I know, actually I contacted the company and they said it only draws 5 amps for the clutch…

I ran my programmer off the same power so I put a 10 amp fuse in, plus the 10’s are a bit easier to find.

Pain in the oven around here when you need to buy an entire set of fuses to get some 5’ers.